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3 ways to personalize your employee intranet to improve engagement


Today's company intranet is playing a bigger role in organizations, especially as remote work becomes more of the norm. Intranet personalization is critical as a way to engage your employees and embed this as your home for creating community and culture experiences.

Many companies have intranet sites for their employees. While this technology has been around for a while, the intranet is growing in importance, with a Brightspot survey revealing that 70% of companies feel their intranet is valuable or very valuable.

However, most employees are not using their intranet to its fullest potential. Brightspot’s survey found that many intranets are isolated sites that mainly exist to store documents. Employees also often find that their intranet includes outdated content and lacks personalization. These bare-bones intranets are consequently met with low visit and adoption rates.

Today, the intranet as we know it is changing and playing a bigger role in organizations, especially as remote work becomes more of the norm.

At Brightspot, we like to understand intranets as 'community and culture experiences' that can provide greater personalization and freedom to foster company culture through content in an increasingly virtual world.
Image of Brightspot founder and CEO, David Gang
David Gang, CEO & Co-founder, Brightspot

The power of intranet personalization

An intranet is intended to be a resource and service for employees. When the intranet is a community and culture platform offering personalized experiences, it can live up to its full potential. A personalized intranet acknowledges that employees are unique and deserve more than a one-size-fits-all experience.

As people work remotely or in different offices, a personalized intranet can take on the critical role of being a hub for corporate communications and employee stories. For instance, an intranet can share content such as a company yearbook or a spotlight on employees of the month. This also benefits the company by building affinity and bringing corporate actions to life in a way that’s easy and appealing for its people.

In short, think of your employee intranet less as a technology solution and more of people solution.

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3 considerations for intranet personalization

Most teams recognize the importance of personalizing an external website to attract different customers, and the idea of doing the same for an internal site is only gaining traction. Personalizing an intranet can be simple with an out-of-the-box, integration-ready solution such as Brightspot. There are a few initial steps that will set up any company for success.

Use segmentation to personalize the employee experience

Segmenting audiences for better personalization is a well-known marketing tactic that can also apply to an intranet.  With Brightspot, you can leverage attributes from profiles in your existing authentication setup, or create roles directly in the CMS. The flexibility of a headless CMS will further allow you to deliver your messaging no matter the channel or device. This enables teams to use the intranet to deliver the right message, to the right employee, at the right time, driving efficiency and culture benefits. Personalization can be applied for a range of categories, such as job role, geography or interest.

Omnichannel marketing extends to meeting your employees with the right information at the right time

An intranet can also be a powerful tool for sharing information, which sometimes only specific audiences will need to receive. Brightspot offers powerful permissions so that you can control who sees what and serve content that applies only to specific employee audiences.

Additionally, Brightspot’s powerful integration capabilities make it easier to bring in the right experiences for the right people, such as only notifying employees at a certain office about a weather-related office closure. Brightspot also allows users to set relevant notifications and alerts so that they directly get the content that is most useful for them.  

image of profile page on Brightspot Intranet

Make your employee intranet the heart of each employee's workday

Finally, intranets can improve productivity by providing personalized task management. Brightspot makes it possible for intranet users to access a dashboard with personal and team tasks that they must complete. For instance, a new employee can open their intranet and see a reminder to enroll in benefits programs.

Brightspot offers integrations with chatbots and a powerful search function to make it easy to discover information and answer questions when using the intranet. Half of Brightspot survey respondents say their intranet has saved them time searching for information, and companies can take this a step further by getting relevant content to users quickly and offering them a way to find what hasn’t been personally served to them.

As COVID-19 causes people to continue to work remotely, having a personalized intranet that makes employees feel updated and connected is more important than ever. Simple actions and features can go a long way in delivering the most relevant and impactful information for people across roles and offices. With Brightspot, it’s possible to deploy a personalized intranet in weeks instead of months so that you don’t have to delay to engage your teams and increase their productivity.

Your intranet CMS needs to support personalized, engaging employee experiences to foster the right company culture whether it’s for in-person or remote teams.


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