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Walmart recognized the nuances of storytelling and the importance of continuously engaging with their customers through messaging and stories with authenticity, freshness and relevancy. That鈥檚 why they turned to Brightspot 10 years ago and why they continue to partner with Brightspot today鈥攖o not only help better tell their stories but to show them as well.
While Mattress Firm's brick-and-mortar stores are recognizable to many Americans, the company has recognized the importance of bolstering its digital presence, as have many traditional retailers. To enhance its online footprint, Mattress Firm collaborated with Brightspot to revamp both MattressFirm.com and its blog, The Daily Doze.
NBC Sports, parent of the Golf Channel, faces the challenge of meeting high-performance media needs for golf's top broadcaster. This includes managing rotating event venues, live scoring, and player statistics for global tournaments. Learn more about how they make it work, backed by Brightspot CMS, here.

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Efficiently manage content across your digital and print portfolio with a CMS platform that鈥檚 built to help you streamline processes and move quickly.

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Magazines & newspapers

From rapid migration off WordPress to enhanced customization, see how Brightspot empowered Editorial Televisa to deliver top-notch content to diverse audiences across their iconic brands.
Discover how Brightspot empowered Grupo AJ Vierci's digital revolution, enhancing the digital presence for several publications in its family of brands.
The L.A. Times modernized its entire editorial newsroom to manage the intake, production and distribution of content in just 12 months.
With Brightspot, POLITICO has achieved its global ambition: deliver customized content, in real time, to every user on any device.
Delivering up-to-date news, political analysis and polished prose more quickly and easily than ever before.
In just five months, Brightspot empowered U.S. News and World Report to develop, publish and syndicate content more easily than ever.
The French newspaper needed a solution to transform and deliver enhanced experiences for both its subscribers and advertisers.
See how Brightspot empowered National Geographic鈥檚 editors and producers to present and deliver dynamic multimedia experiences faster and easier than ever.
Discover how Brightspot helped The Chronicle of Higher Education go fully digital-first with a modern CMS, streamlining subscriptions and future-proofing the publication.


Scripps first partnered with Brightspot in 2017 to reinvent the editorial experience for its digital content contributors.
Brightspot enables Univision to deliver the latest news and entertainment across its digital portfolio to millions of Hispanic Americans.
Today, with Brightspot as its backend, Televisa manages nine sites鈥攅ight of which are headless鈥攆rom one CMS. Find out how it works.
In spite of the challenges of a global pandemic, Caracol TV successfully replatformed on Brightspot CMS in just four months.
Australian broadcaster SBS gained multilanguage programming and publishing efficiency for its content teams with a move to Brightspot.
Discover how TV Azteca transformed its digital landscape with Brightspot CMS, gaining greater enhanced efficiency, agility and cost savings across dozens of sites in its media portfolio.

B2B publishing

Euromoney consolidated to a unified enterprise CMS that would allow for standardization across its portfolio of B2B properties.
Arizent was able to increase engagement with its professional communities and unlock new growth opportunities with Brightspot.
CoStar needed a platform that could support its fast-growing team of writers and editors alongside the need for sophisticated publishing workflows and the ability to integrate seamlessly with their proprietary ecosystem of data sources.
With Brightspot, Zonda manages over 20 distinct sites with a singular, powerful CMS that has drastically improved editorial efficiency and cost savings over time.
The global membership organization migrated five brands to a unified CMS in less than four months, driving efficiency and brand consistency.
Healthgrades needed to extend its unique physician data鈥攁long with personalized content鈥攖o target audiences across partner sites.
Brightspot has an incredibly fast, sleek front end, and the back end is intuitive, simple and effective. Basically, it helps us publish faster.
Director of Multimedia, National Geographic
CMS use cases
Connect with the right audiences worldwide with the right content to get your name and story front and center.

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Brand promotion, investor relations, blogs & corporate initiatives

Walmart can now display the heart and soul behind the giant company with its optimal storytelling and conversation platform. Learn how Brightspot helped.
With Brightspot CMS powering its websites, Special Olympics is able to quickly and easily share content that creates deep and lasting emotional connections with their athletes, donors and fans
Stuck with a one-dimensional WordPress solution, Marriott turned to Brightspot to invigorate corporate storytelling across its brand portfolio.
With the help of Brightspot's out-of-the-box flexibility, the DispatchHealth website was migrated off WordPress in less than two months.
RealtyMogul partnered with Brightspot to transform its digital platform, leveraging out-of-the-box CMS features along with a custom headless solution for its real-estate investment opportunities.
Boston-based Wayfair needed a way to standardize its content output to improve brand consistency and better tell the stories behind the billion-dollar e-commerce business. Brightspot was the solution Wayfair selected to unify global operations on a unified and secure content platform.

Digital newsrooms

Learn how Brightspot鈥檚 out-of-the-box CMS publishing tools transformed FedEx's ability to communicate with audiences around the world via its redesigned newsroom.

Product & service promotion

Following its acquisition by Amazon, Whole Foods delivered on its brand promise with am engaging content-as-commerce approach built on a new API-powered headless CMS platform.
NBC Sports Athlete Direct uses a publisher-focused approach to its new content hub鈥攍aunched in just five weeks on Brightspot.
The Brightspot team made the daunting task of launching a new site in just two months possible with their can-do approach and a well-oiled, organized approach. They are amazingly responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Creative Director, DispatchHealth
CMS use cases
Manage your online library of information in a system that's built to support varied and unique content types and specific permissions.

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Documentation, guides, FAQs, user manuals & help desks/support portals

Vodafone New Zealand turned to Brightspot to migrate off its legacy Drupal CMS and deliver a transformative digital experience.
CMS use cases
Drive revenue growth with a content management system that treats each of your products as content, enabling you to optimize content-to-commerce opportunities across all touchpoints.
Banner Solutions sought a new e-commerce platform that could overcome limitations, support individual channels and deliver an engaging user experience. After evaluating options like Adobe Experience Manager and Drupal, Banner Solutions chose Brightspot for its flexibility and seamless integration capabilities.
In an effort to expand its online footprint, Mattress Firm partnered with Brightspot to relaunch MattressFirm.com and the company blog, The Daily Doze.
Sotheby's has been uniting collectors with world-class works of art for more than 250 years. See how Brightspot is helping them win in the digital world.
We originally partnered with Brightspot to implement an enterprise CMS that delivered high-quality user experience, which was a success. Now, years later, Brightspot is still ensuring our digital properties embody vivid images, powerful search and compelling stories, and that our editorial content integrates with our auction engine to provide a seamless experience for our users.
Vice President, 番茄社区 and Application Strategy, Sotheby's
CMS use cases
Communicate effectively with your most important audience鈥攜our employees鈥攗sing the same set of tools on which world-class content creators rely to build trust with their customers.

Internal marketing and communications

The Walton Family Foundation partnered with Brightspot to create a centralized platform that showcases its significant grants and demonstrates their transformative impact in education, environment and community development.
CMS use cases
Connect with fans and audiences across the globe with functionalities that make it easy to share engaging, real-time scores, music, movies and more.

Sports reporting

The American Junior Golf Association's CMS supports live events, tournament scorecards, player leaderboards and membership management.
NBC Sports relies on Brightspot for digital coverage on Golf Channel as well as exclusive PGA Championship and biannual Ryder Cup coverage.


Learn how the Hallmark Channel鈥檚 website redesign allowed the beloved creator of holiday cheer to create a more holistic viewer experience.
With its headless CMS, the studio can rapidly publish content to its website and microsites for its blockbuster movies and TV shows.
I鈥檝e worked with Brightspot on a number of strategic initiatives at Golf Channel and have been consistently impressed with the team and the technology. Brightspot literally empowers all digital teams members, from editors to product managers to marketers and more, to utilize the full suite of tools within the CMS to create a premium customer experience.
Vice President of Digital Strategy & Partnerships, NBC Sports
CMS use cases
Manage your portfolio of sites with a CMS that鈥檚 flexible enough to support individual campaign customization alongside shared features like assets, templates, integrations and more.
Discover how Editorial Televisa, a powerhouse in Mexican media, achieved digital transformation with Brightspot CMS, streamlining operations and propelling growth across its portfolio of sites.
Learn how we're helping the golf giant scale their business and increase brand consistency with a streamlined multisite CMS.
The resulting growth in organic search rankings is a testament to the site structure on the back end鈥攊t's just a really good mousetrap when it comes to people seeking information
Director of Digital Marketing, Indigo Sports
CMS use cases
Bring order to the chaos with a digital-asset management solution built-in to your CMS.
See how Brightspot empowered National Geographic鈥檚 editors and producers to present and deliver dynamic multimedia experiences faster and easier than ever.

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