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Increasing launch speed for one of the nation’s largest golf course operators

Brightspot CMS case study: Indigo Sports

Indigo Sports by the numbers

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The Indigo Sports challenge

Indigo Sports is one of the largest privately owned golf course management companies in the country. The company was struggling to keep up with the fast-paced growth of its business digitally, as new courses around the nation were commissioned at astonishing speeds.

As Indigo continued to expand its brand and bring on more top-of-the-line golf courses, the workflow for creating and managing the websites for these new courses became extremely backlogged. Launching a site for each new property created significant overhead for Indigo.

The company needed a way to streamline maintenance for its current sites while also optimizing the workflow to launch new ones at the pace they were growing.

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The Brightspot solution for Indigo Sports

With Brightspot, Indigo Sports can create and launch sites within a matter of days—if not hours. Previously, the team at Indigo was spending weeks to months creating and launching its new sites, so recognized this as an immediate benefit of the new CMS. Along with the ability to expedite the launch process without sacrificing the quality of these new sites, Indigo learned the value of consolidating all systems into one single CMS platform.

Other project details include:

  • The ability for any of Indigo’s managed courses to have a variety of design options, with choices ranging from a simple website design to more premium, feature-rich templates. 
  • Custom event-management and registration tools that integrate with the CMS platform to support the thousands of events hosted by Indigo’s golf courses nationally.  
A big value we see from Brightspot is with search engine optimization. On average we are seeing site health improve by over 40% when launching new courses. The resulting growth in organic search rankings is testament to the site structure on the back end—it's just a really good mousetrap when it comes to people seeking information on golf courses near them.
Director of Digital Marketing, Indigo Sports

Indigo Sports website examples

The outcome for Indigo Sports

Indigo Sports recognized that maintaining all of its properties on a single system allows for efficient user-management experiences, a single authoring point and more streamlined website development.

The company was able to migrate more than 15 CMS platforms into one, consolidating over 120 of its websites. Now, with over 130 courses managed via the CMS, Indigo has 350 users working within its unified platform, with almost three million pieces of content stored within the CMS.

As Indigo continues to add new courses (and sites) to its portfolio of courses around the U.S., it has been able to expedite site launches and solidify brand consistency for its properties via the multisite capabilities of Brightspot.

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