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Reinventing the digital newsroom for one of the world's leading delivery services

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Learn how Brightspot’s out-of-the-box CMS publishing tools transformed FedEx's ability to communicate with audiences around the world via its redesigned newsroom.

The FedEx challenge

Growing online complexity is not just a challenge for digital consumers. It's a challenge faced by innumerable companies whose global teams need reliable, accessible solutions that allow them to collaborate, communicate and deliver to those same consumers at speed.

FedEx is no stranger to solving—and transforming—massive logistical challenges across its global operations. The shipping and packaging company handles over 16 million packages on average each day and serves nearly 100 million unique visitors on its website every month.

However, the FedEx newsroom found themselves struggling to keep up, lacking the enterprise-grade features of a modern CMS. Their newsroom, which was based on WordPress, needed to get content out globally in different languages, with efficiency. With WordPress, they were unable to operate efficiently as they were stuck with a slow and clunky upload process, lacked the ability to re-use content instead of re-creating things over and over and they felt the pain of missing out on key features like notifications that keep content moving quickly through the approval process. They also found it challenging to train new hires on the platform, draining resources.

In early 2022, FedEx made the decision to shift away from WordPress. With Brightspot, they felt confident they could improve the publishing experience for its content teams, train and operate efficiently and, ultimately, create a modern, fresh look and feel for site visitors across the globe.

Brightspot CMS customer case study: FedEx

The Brightspot solution for FedEx

FedEx was drawn to Brightspot for its ease of use as well as its wide variety of pre-built content types and templates that enable efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

Now, internal contributors are able to create stories for the in a matter of minutes, leveraging the power of dynamic tagging to ensure new content is distributed immediately to the right audiences and stakeholders. From there, communications teams across the world can continue their work confident in the knowledge that they aren't dependent on other systems or processes to get the story out.

Beyond its rich feature set, FedEx needed a CMS solution that could be delivered fast. And with Brightspot, FedEx got exactly that, achieving its relaunched FedEx newsroom in less than 30 days.

The Brightspot platform combines out-of-the-box simplicity and the ability to still "make it your own" via multiple layout and styling combinations. This allows FedEx content contributors to truly create a unique experience for their readers without sacrificing speed-to-market. On the back end, it means site admins are able to grant and manage users' roles, permissions, workflows and more without any dependency on internal dev teams.

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FedEx project highlights include:

  • Ease of publishing: Brightspot is an intuitive CMS that allows FedEx's marketing, editorial and PR team members to quickly master the ins and outs of the platform, streamlining the onboarding process and ensuring content teams can focus on the task at hand.
  • Reduced reliance on IT: Out-of-the-box publishing tools decrease reliance on IT, giving more time and autonomy back to the editing and publishing teams so they can focus on landing the right message with their audience.
  • Modernized newsroom: The look and feel of FedEx's redesigned newsroom is now more in line with global FedEx brand styles, plus it offers pre-built support for multi-language experiences, digital asset management and various martech integrations for improved performance and operational efficiencies.
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