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Making content-as-commerce work: 4 e-commerce CMS case studies

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The right e-commerce content management system (CMS) can be a key to business success. In today’s marketplace, e-commerce content is much more than listing and selling products online. Increasingly, e-commerce businesses are using content to drive conversions.

This new approach, sometimes called “content as commerce,” refers to the use of content to tell compelling stories about an organization’s products and their brand’s purpose. By publishing and promoting helpful and valuable content as a sales conversion strategy, a growing number of brands are finding success.

Learn how four leading brands in various industries harnessed Brightspot to make content as commerce work for them.

Vodafone New Zealand: Enhancing the e-commerce experience with a site migration

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When Vodafone New Zealand, a leading digital services and connectivity firm, made the decision to migrate off its Drupal-based content management system, the team needed a user-friendly but highly functional CMS. The goal was to find a CMS that would allow marketers to create, manage and publish content without help from the IT team, while retaining a superb e-commerce experience and maintain the brand’s existing design and identity.

After choosing Brightspot, Vodafone New Zealand was able to quickly migrate all existing content from the old CMS. The content team enjoys smoother content workflows and the ability to quickly and easily build and publish new material at will. Since switching to Brightspot, Vodafone has been able to easily integrate its CMS with new back-end updates, as well as roll out several new content-focused sites.

Read the Vodafone New Zealand case study

Mattress Firm: Boosting online engagement and e-commerce results through a new storytelling approcah

Mattress Firm website examples

With a strong traditional brick-and-mortar presence, Mattress Firm wanted to build a deeper, more engaging online presence to reach more customers. The company needed a more organized, highly advanced content offering to better educate consumers about sleep and buying mattresses. Mattress Firm also needed a solution that would integrate with a variety of existing partners and would provide more flexibility for the types of content in different locations. For example, marketers wanted to feature blog content alongside e-commerce promotions on the home page, but the previous CMS limited those capabilities.

The Mattress Firm website is the gateway for our customers into our brand and their experience with our company. And that’s the way we’re trying to treat it—as not just a transactional site but somewhere they can come in and learn, and that’s really where the content to commerce picks up.
Justin Laurenzi, Director of Digital Product & eCommerce, Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm selected Brightspot to reimagine its e-commerce CMS and has never looked back. With a flexible, headless CMS, Mattress Firm marketers can easily create, manage and publish content in a variety of locations. Brightspot’s robust tag and taxonomy management capabilities make it easy for users to see content that is relevant to their needs.

Through deeper engagement with users, Mattress Firm decreased bounce rates by 20% and improved conversion rates on entry pages by double digits after adopting Brightspot. The easy-to-use CMS platform means the Mattress Firm team has also been able to quickly deploy new content initiatives; for example, they launched a global “Unjunk Your Sleep” microsite campaign in less than 10 days.

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Sotheby’s: Creating a thriving digital auction experience for art aficionados

Sotheby's website examples

Even the world of art auctions has undergone digital transformation in recent years. Sotheby’s, one of the most well-known players in the luxury goods space, was an early adopter and leader in digital innovation for auctioning fine art. A flexible, easy-to-use e-commerce CMS has been key to Sotheby’s ongoing success.

Traditionally, Sotheby’s published a much-admired but costly print catalog. Transitioning to a digital version breathed new life into its more than 600 annual exhibitions. The auction house used Brightspot to reimagine its text-heavy, limited-audience print catalog into a digital format that supports an array of media-rich content types, including embedded video.

We originally partnered with Brightspot to implement an enterprise CMS that delivered high-quality user experience. Now, years later, Brightspot is still ensuring our digital properties embody vivid images, powerful search and compelling stories, and that our editorial content integrates with our auction engine to provide a seamless experience for our users.
Kiddi Hrobjartsson, Sotheby's Vice President, and Application Strategy

Because Brightspot’s CMS is capable of integrating with a variety of third-party programs, it seamlessly integrates with Sotheby’s auction engine. As a result, users can glide between editorial pages and auction pages without any change to the look, feel or functionality. Buyers have one cohesive experience—and as a result, Sotheby’s has experienced a 44% increase in return visitors and a 78% increase in goods sold.

Read the Sotheby's case study

Banner Solutions: Boosting revenue and delivering personalized content experiences with a cohesive new e-commerce stack

Banner Solutions case study: website and mobile device screenshots

Banner Solutions' partnership with Brightspot and the implementation of its new CMS have been instrumental in its commerce-as-content approach. The seamless migration resulted in a 59% increase in site sessions, double-digit online sales growth and a remarkable 24% boost in revenue. With Brightspot's flexible CMS, Banner Solutions can now manage its product catalog and tailor content for different customer channels effectively, leading to sustained growth and improved customer experiences. This approach has also paved the way for future expansions and acquisitions, ensuring the company's position as a leading specialty hardware distributor.

As part of our overall marketing strategy, we’re dedicated to publishing articles on a monthly basis that really dive into specific areas of customer interest. This generates SEO benefits, but it’s also about inbound marketing. We have a very robust product catalog and we like that we can back it up with articles that give us domain authority and demonstrate our subject-matter expertise within the context of the broader industry.
Ben Smith, Chief Digital Officer at Banner Solutions

The success of Banner Solutions' commerce-as-content approach not only revolutionized its e-commerce platform but also enabled the company to cater to the specific needs of various customer channels. Through a careful, data-driven approach, the company gained insights into customer journeys and preferences, paving the way for personalized content offerings and improved user experiences. As a result, formerly underrepresented channels in e-commerce experienced outsized growth.

Read the Banner Solutions case study

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