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4 essential integrations you need for your CMS

Integration-ready solutions are top of mind for today’s marketers. In a recent report from the Customer Data (CDP) Institute, when marketing-technology—aka, martech—leaders were asked what their company considers most important in selecting marketing technology, integration with external systems (53%) came out on top compared with other factors like ease of learning and use (51%), breadth of features (40%), operating costs for fees and staffing (36%), and initial costs of acquisition and deployment (32%).

Notably, the same report found that the challenge of unifying data from many sources to gain a complete customer view is indeed getting better. More than half (52%) of survey respondents reported that they now connect their customer-facing systems to a unified customer database, shared orchestration engine, marketing automation platform or CRM platform—compared to just 37% who gave this answer in 2017.

All of these insights reveal that an integrated tech stack is making its way to the top of businesses’ priority lists over considerations like price.

The key drivers behind this level of focus?

Fast digital transformation is more critical than ever, and organizations are increasingly seeking tools they can build upon and adapt to transform fast into the future, which is where integration-friendly solutions play a pivotal role.

And nowadays, customer personalization is an expectation. For the end consumer, an integration-friendly CMS, specifically, means a more customized experience. As a news publisher, this could mean delivering personalized recommendations on related content to read based on recent pieces or subjects the reader has explored, or, as an eCommerce brand, sharing push notifications and email newsletters at the right moment in the customer journey to encourage a sale.

With these needs in mind, let's take a look at the key areas where an integration-ready CMS can solve for today's digital priorities and evolving customer needs.

Analytics tools

Integrations with standards like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics mean you can view data from those systems in different visualizations alongside your content assets within the CMS, to see what’s performing—and what’s not.

Ability to see a complete view of your work and the customer to be able to make smart adjustments and recommendations to reach different audiences.

Brightspot CMS analytics integrations

These Brightspot CMS analytics integrations provide clearer insights and intelligence for content performance and more.
Adobe Analytics
View data from your Adobe Analytics account in different visualizations in the Brightspot Analytics dashboard. Custom integration
The Comscore integration allows you to collect analytics on your site and feed the metrics back to the Comscore app. Out-of-the-box integration
View data from your Firebase account in different visualizations in the Brightspot Analytics dashboard. Custom integration
Easily add your Google Analytics ID to your site. View data from your Google Analytics account in different visualizations in the Brightspot Analytics dashboard. Out-of-the-box integration
Google Tag Manager
Publishers have the ability to integrate with Google Tag Manager and implement tracking across their sites or apps to better understand conversions, metrics, etc. Custom integration
Place a variety of widgets on your site and apps that leverage Opta sports data including player stats, calendar, etc., Custom integration
The integration allows you to collect analytics on your site and feed the metrics back to the app. Custom integration

Marketing & customer insights

Email and newsletter integrations allow you to continue the conversation with customers off your website via different channels. Understand your customer behaviors and leverage these insights customer data platforms (CDPs) like Tealium.

Keep customers engaged with your business and brand, and share personalized content that promotes loyalty.

Brightspot CMS marketing integrations

Connect with your existing audiences plus attract new customers with these consumer marketing integrations available through Brightspot CMS.
Amazon Web Services SES
This integration enables publishers to email end-users confirmations, notifications, etc., with AWS SES. Custom integration
Manage and send Cheetahmail newsletters within Brightspot. Custom integration
Dynamic Yield
This integration gives Brightspot users the ability to program Dynamic Yield templates to different locations on their site or app. Custom integration
Manage and send ExactTarget newsletters within Brightspot. Custom integration
This integration allows for customer information captured from Brightspot forms on your site or app to be submitted to your HubSpot account. Custom integration
Manage and send Listrak newsletters within Brightspot. Custom integration
Manage and send MailChimp newsletters within Brightspot. Custom integration
This integration enables publishers to email end-users confirmations, notifications, etc., with Mailgun. Custom integration
This integration allows for customer information captured from Brightspot forms on your site or app to be submitted to your Marketo account. Custom integration
Brightspot users can program Optimizely A/B tests on different locations of their site or app. Custom integration
Sailthru integration allows for editorial control over how content appears in dynamic newsletters sent by Sailthru. Custom integration

This integration allows for customer information captured from Brightspot forms on your site or app to be submitted to your Salesforce account. Custom integration

Federated search

Federated search integrations and capabilities mean creativity doesn’t have to be stalled or hindered. Seamlessly connect external respositories for all your digital assets and search for and use these assets directly within the CMS, reducing the need for any context switching as well as effectively managing versions, digital rights and usage across the board.

Access the assets you want easily in order to get the best, most personalized content in front of your audiences, plus empower your digital teams with easy access to the tools they need to publish and promote content fast.

Brightspot CMS federated search integrations

Federated-search capabilities are available for these services with Brightspot CMS, empowering editorial and creative teams with access across all their digital-asset management tools.
With Adobe Stock you have access to millions of high-quality images, graphics, videos, 3D objects and templates right inside your Brightspot CMS. Out-of-the-box integration
Our integration lets you import Google Drive files directly from within the CMS and much more. Find out how it works. Out-of-the-box integration
Enhance your Brightspot instance with more than 200 million royalty-free images, video clips, music tracks and AI capabilities from Shutterstock. Out-of-the-box integration
Brightspot's integration with Vimeo brings this increasingly popular and respected social tool to the fingertips of your publishers. Out-of-the-box integration
Other Databases
Brightspot can easily integrate with additional data sources, such as a proprietary file system or a third-party DAM such as Widen. Custom integration

Artificial intelligence

Integrations like Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Transcribe leverage AI to make smart recommendations on tags and automatically output video-to-written text. Powerful translation tools help bring your content to more audiences across the globe.

Increased discoverability of your business and brand by boosting SEO through tags and keywords. Streamline and accelerate publishing efficiences through the automation of time-consuming tasks.

Brightspot CMS AI integrations

Here are some of the AI integrations available through Brightspot to power image recognition, tagging, transcription and more.
With the Acrolinx integration, have your Brightspot articles and content analyzed and scored with suggestions to improve writing quality. Custom integration
Brightspot content is analyzed by Amazon Comprehend and recommended tags are suggested to Brightspot users. Out-of-the-box integration
This integration allows for autotagging images and video via media analysis which identifies objects, people, text, inappropriate content, and celebrities. Out-of-the-box integration
With the Amazon Textract integration, text of document files within Brightspot objects like PDFs can now be extracted and applied as metadata to make them more easily searchable for users. Out-of-the-box integration
Audio and video content within Brightspot can be transcribed with this service, with the text made instantly available via search. Out-of-the-box integration
Automate your workflow for translating content to multiple languages with the Amazon Translate integration. Out-of-the-box integration
With our Google Translate integration, you can publish content quickly and easily in native languages across the globe—without ever leaving the CMS. Out-of-the-box integration
Open Calais
Articles in Brightspot are analyzed by Open Calais and tag suggestions are displayed for Brightspot users. Custom integration
In Brightspot editors can see recommended SEMrush keywords for tags on their articles & other content types with the SEMrush integration. Out-of-the-box integration

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